For his first exhibiton with the gallery, Brion Nuda Rosch hones in on painting – the act, history and culture.  At once ridiculously formal, elegantly primitive and sometimes represented in the form of a photograph Rosch’s newest paintings call to the fore a cave at Lascaux, a 1970’s den, or the basement studio in which they were just created. Two large paintings of a figure, a man, a woman an animal, or perhaps all three, deftly combine sculpture, painting and collage with Rosch’s ease of touch and humor. As if declared THE definitive work, several pieces are “crowned” with affixed heads made of ceramic or wood covered in acrylic and sand. Resting atop the canvas itself, these placings negate the presciousness of the picture plane while they serve, pictorially, as heads for the bodies below. Interpreted as figures in dialogue, the room’s visual conversation may be brash or demure, terse or longwinded, simple or erudite but, decidedly feels human-that most soulful trait of painting.
Brion Nuda Rosch (b. 1976, Chicago) is an artist and curator living and working in San Francisco. His work has most recently been exhibited at ACME., Los Angeles; DCKT Contemporary, New York; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; and The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. Recent curatorial efforts include OK GREAT THANKS THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS, at ACME. and DCKT. He has also organized exhibitions and projects for SFMOMA’s Open Space, Adobe Books, as well as his residential gallery, Hallway Projects and One-Day Residency Program. Rosch is a current resident at UC Berkeley’s Ceramics Department. A recent SFMOMA SECA Finalist, In 2009, he was the recipient of the Artadia Award. Rosch is represented by ACME., Los Angeles.