LR Ian_Cooper_Centrefold

TIMELINE (CENTREFOLD), 2015, Birch plywood, poplar dowels, spray primer, latex paint and hardware, 104 x 69 x 4 inches

LR Ian Cooper Matador

SCREENING (MATADOR), 2015, Screen printed and hand-dyed cotton jersey, felt, vinyl, powder-coated steel and aluminum, painted lumber, poplar dowel, felt, bias tape, thread, and PVC with hardware, 85.5 x 54 x 20 inches

LR Ian Cooper - Finish Him (Guillotine)

TIMELINE (FINISH HIM), 2015, Quilted and waxed canvas, felt, polyester athletic mesh, interfacing, vinyl, thread, poplar dowel, painted lumber, MDF and PVC with hardware, 80 x 68 x 9 inches

LR Ian_Cooper_Off_Off

OFF/OFF (Double Barre), 2015, Waxed canvas, ballet barres, felt, vinyl, spray primer, bias tape, magnets, thread and hardware, 72 x 115 x 9.5 inches

LR Ian Cooper - Bow Tie

BOW/TIE, 2015, MDF, primer, poplar dowel, waxed canvas, felt, bias tape, thread, construction crayon and hardware, 55 x 162 x 60 inches