Washington Depot, CT. November 9, 2014, 11:02 PM
Knocks, eARTh, Gum Arabic, copies by hand, Long earth to pop,
Don’t lose roughness of abstract, loose painting. Only polish so much, Pink/orange, Dixie doorbell, 101/firm, Pat Projects, Grey Expectations, Braille, Boomerang, House Painter (divide), Trivial Pursuit, “Heinrich Presentation/Keys Open Doors”, Ah, ur yella, Shoot your cuffs, Pistons misfire, but will Bullets? Drown bait, lose lures, Boring, long stories, Monday at 4:10 I have to see a doctor, Twain (Gone), 48 x 4 inches stirrers, “Side View”, the Lonely Writer, Viper Hennessy, Left-handed painters, rust on the barrel, the nickel mines, German Purity Law of 1516, Waze and Means, Robert Redford safety valve,
Let ‘em work, let ‘em live
How do you do
Burning the candle at both ends
Full mental jacket
Norfolk Road.
Ted Gahl was born in 1983, received his BFA from Pratt Institute in 2006 and his MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2010. Recent group shows include “Don’t Look Now” curated by 247365 at Zach Feuer, “That’s the Neighbor, Always Dressing These Boulders in the Yard” curated by Torey Thornton at Suzanne Geiss Company, “Mental Furniture” curated by Petrella’s Imports at Night gallery, and “All a Tremulous Heart Requires” curated by Brad Hajzak at ZieherSmith & Horton. Along with artists Gregory Kalliche and Benjamin Niznik, he is a co-founder of the collective PAT (Place and Time).Gahl lives and works in Connecticut. Norfolk Road marks the artists third solo exhibition with the gallery.